Sweet Paniyaram|Sweet Dumpling From Idli batter | Inippu Paniyaram

Sweet Paniyaram|Sweet Dumpling From Idli batter | Inippu Paniyaram
Sweet paniyaram from idli batter

Paniyarams are dumplings made from fermented batter made from soaking and grinding rice and split black gram / urad dal.

Paniyarams  can be sweet or savoury. I have already posted the recipe of kara paniyaram which is the savoury paniyaram. Here I am sharing the recipe of sweet paniyaram.

This recipe of sweet paniyarams is a quick method to make paniyaram. If you have fermented idli or dosa batter, you can make this paniyaram. Make sure that the batter that you have is thick. Thin batter does not lend itself well to make sweet paniyaram.

Kids too will love this recipe. I used 3 cups idli batter for this recipe and got 35 medium-sized sweet paniyarams. 

Prep time: 5 minutes 

Cook time 20 minutes 

Total time 25 minutes

Servings 35


1 cup= 250 ml in our recipes

  1. 3 cups of idli batter
  2. Thick jaggery syrup 1.5 cups (or 1/3 cup powdered jaggery or sugar
  3. 1/3 cup / 6 tbsp grated coconut 
  4. 3/4 tsp cardamom powder.
  5. 6 tbsp rice flour 
  6. 1.5 tsp butter 
  7. Baking soda 1/8 tsp
  8. Ghee or oil (coconut oil tastes best if using oil).
  9. Apple grated (strictly optional) 
  10. Banana chopped (optional)


  1. Take the rice flour in a bowl. Add butter. Whip it till it becomes crumbly. Add a little water and make a thick paste. Add this paste to the idli batter and mix well.
  2. Add the jaggery syrup, cardamom powder , grated coconut and baking soda.
  3. Now pour the batter into 3 cups. We are doing this because we are making plain paniyarams,  paniyarams with grated apple and paniyaram with chopped bananas.
  4. Heat the paniyaram vessel and add oil in each mould of the Paniyaram vessel. 
  5. Keep the flame medium and fill the batter upto 3/4 of each mould.
  6. Cook on a medium heat. The paniyarams will take time to cook due to the addition of the jaggery.
  7. When the base is cooked and looks form, flip them using a skewer or spoon.
  8. Let them cook on the other side too. This will not take very long to cook.
  9. Serve yummy sweet paniyarams.


  1. Runny or thin batter is not suitable to make sweet paniyaram. So.make sure that the batter is thick. Batter consistency should be thick but of pouring consistency. 
  2. You can use powdered or grated jaggery. You can also use sugar instead of jaggery if using jaggery syrup, use only thick jaggery syrup.
  3. Do not add too much rice flour. Do not exceed 2 tbsp rice flour / 1/8 th cup of rice flour for each cup of batter. Adding too much of rice flour can make the paniyarams hard. But using rice flour does help in making the paniyarams crisp. So use within the limit.
  4. Fill the batter up to 3/4th of each mould. 
  5. Cook the paniyarams on medium heat.
  6. You can use ghee instead of oil to fry the paniyarams 

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