Besan ladoo | बेसन के लड्डू हलवाई के जैसे | Boora Recipe

Besan ladoo | बेसन के लड्डू हलवाई के जैसे | Boora Recipe
  • Who doesn’t love besan ladoos? The recipe that we have shown delivers delicious, aromatic ladoos. Besan laddu is a popular sweet in India. It is made from gram flour, powdered sugar and clarified butter (ghee). Besan laddu or gram flour ladoo is one of the popular laddoos often made during festive occasions like Diwali, Navratri, Raksha Bandhan, Janmashtami. Besan ladoo is easy to make and is a nutritious dessert which is made all over India. Besan Ladoo has a long shelf life. So these laddus can be stored and relished for many days. Children too love these yummy ladoos. These ladoos need not be restricted to special occasions.They can be made whenever you wish to have a light Indian sweet, since these are easy to prepare.
Besan ladoo


  • chickpeas flour/ roasted Bengal gram flour/besan/ 2 cups / 200 grams
  • sugar powder/ bhoora 1 cup
  • salt a pinch
  • ghee 1/2 cup/100 grams
  • cardamom powder 1/2 tsp
  • cashew nuts, pistachios as desired
  • Note: 1 cup = 250 ml in our recipes


  • If using store-bought besan, use coarse chickpeas flour/ besan.
  • We used home-made besan. For this, heat a heavy-bottomed pan. Add the chana dal and roast for about 4 minutes on a very low flame, stirring continuously. Take care not to brown the dal. A notice aroma will waft from the dal. Switch off the flame, transfer to a plate, and let it cool down. Transfer to a mixer jar and grind to a not so smooth flour.
  • Sift the flour. Do not skip the step of sighting the flour as sifting ensures that there are no lumps.
  • We added 1 cup that is 200 grams sugar to a pan. Now, add 1/3 cup of water to it.
  • Stir continuously on a low to medium flame.
  • Let the sugar dissolve and then stir continuously until white foams appear. This should take a minute or 2 after the sugar dissolves.
  • Add 1 tsp ghee and stir for a minute. Ghee prevents lumps from forming in bhoora or crystallized sugar powder.
  • After 1 minute, switch off the flame.
  • After switching off the flame, stir continuously until the sugar syrup turns into a coarse white powder/ boora.
  • We got 1.5 cups of boora . But we needed to use only 1 cup for the recipe. We stored the rest in a small bottle for use.
  • Heat 1/4 cup ghee in a heavy-bottomed pan.
  • Keep flame to the lowest possible.
  • Let the ghee melt.
  • Add the besan little by little, when the ghee is hot.
  • Add more ghee.
  • Continue to mix and stir, adding ghee whenever the mixture dries up.
  • At one point, the mixture turns slightly brown. It took us 17 minutes of posting on very low flame to get to this point.
  • Now, sprinkle 1 tbsp water.
  • Stir for 2 minutes.
  • Add 1 more tbsp of water and stir for 2 minutes.
  • Adding water gives a grainy texture.
  • Switch off the flame and continue to stir for 3 minutes.
  • Grease a plate with ghee.
  • Add the roasted besan to the greased plate.
  • Let it cool down.
  • Do not add boora/sugar to hot mixture as sugar will melt and mixture will become runny.
  • While the mixture is looking down, heat 1 tbsp ghee ina small skillet.
  • Add 2 tbsp of almonds and stir.
  • Switch off flame when almonds turn golden.
  • Transfer to a bowl or plate to let it cool down.
  • After it cools down, finely slice the roasted almonds.
  • When the besan mixture has cooled down and is just warm to touch, add 1 tbsp that is half of the sliced almonds, cardamom powder, a pinch of salt. mix well.
  • Add the prepared boora or sugar little by little and mix well.
  • Now prepare the ladoos by making a ball and then dip the tip in ghee and dip into the sliced almonds. Make all ladoos like this.
  • Enjoy yummy ladoos.

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