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Hi. I am Sathya Lakshman. I live in Mumbai with my husband and two children. I have a daughter Saumya and son Siddhesh. My son has autism and is on gluten free casein free diet for the last 14 plus years. My mom is a great cook. I have seen her do all the masala from scratch . She was the one who inspired me to learn to cook from very early on. So I knew the basics even as a thirteen year old. And I have never felt it is a chore to cook. I enjoy the process and the result. It is for me like a poetry in motion.

After my sons diagnosis I became even more obsessed with cooking because we could not give him food from restaurants and shops. So I wanted him to have food which tastes as good as that available outside without the accompanying damaging side effects of added flavours of excess oil. For the sake of convenience I started cooking mostly gluten free meals at home. But we were still having our gluten whenever we could. The diet helped my son sleep better and behave better. We realised the connection between gut and brain then. However I always hoped that he would one day be able to ingest gluten too as I felt that he was missing out on lots of fun stuff like pav, bread, rotis (he loved them). But whenever I tried to give even a small portion of gluten he would regress . So I too want gluten free to support him. I started tweaking, experimenting and becoming better at what I loved. And I would share the recipes and pics with friends and close family members. They would love the relevant recipes and pics.

So I thought that I should share my recipes with more people and I am here now introducing Desilicious Kitchen. It is in honour of my son Siddhesh and many kids like him that I have started this gluten free website - Desilicious Kitchen. I do not like to simply replace non gluten flours and make nans or parathas. I try to choose authentic gluten free recipes mostly with few exceptions where replacing the flour does not change the recipe entirely as it may just be a binding factor . To my knowledge we are one if the few or only fully gluten free Indian vegetarian recipes website and channel.

This journey started more than 14 years ago for my son and for me it began 8 years back when I too want gluten free. To my surprise I found that I had lost 18 pounds and was looking fresher. So for me there is no going back to gluten now. This lifestyle suits me and I do not have regrets about being unable to have gluten or about not giving gluten to my son. Having said that, let me confess that my daughter and husband are not totally gluten free though they support us.

All this is not possible without the support of my husband Lakshman who is behind the camera many times. And last but not the least my daughter Saumya who is a great cook and encourages , supports and partners with me in this venture. This is a joint venture by Saumya and me. She has posted a few recipes and done voice over for many recipes in our YouTube channel Desilicious Kitchen

Desilicious Kitchen is one stop for all gluten free vegetarian foods from India. Though our recipes are gluten free , they are universal in appeal and use. They need not be restricted to those following a gluten free diet. This is because we have chosen recipes which are authentic, originally gluten free and not modified by replacing the gluten with non glutenous grains or seeds. This is important because when we simply replace gluten, many times many unhealthy factors creep in and offsets the benefits of the diet. We make it a point to give food combinations and have a playlist for this too. Our food combinations are unique and nutritious. We have just started out. We have lots in store for you. We will publish at least one new recipe video every week

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