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Dry red garlic chutney | लहसुन की सूखी चटनी | lasoon khobryachi chutney

This dry garlic chutney is known as lasoon khobryachi chutney in Marathi. It is served with vada pav and batata vada in Mumbai. But it is so versatile and yummy that it goes with everything, yes, everything!

Turai Aloo Ki Sabzi Aur Moong Dal Khichdi

Turai or ridge gourd is a nutritious vegetable, which is low in calories and is mild yet full of flavour. This is an underrated vegetable as it is not a favourite of most people. But when made well, it can be enjoyed by everyone. And our way of making the khichdi is unique yet simple. So is this menu.

Beetroot Cutlet / Beetroot Chop

Beetroot cutlets look tempting, taste yummy and are nutritious too. We have made a yummy gluten free version of the vegetable chop without compromising on the taste. These cutlets are a must try.

Our Lunch Today – part 1 | Mooli Ki kadhi | Basmati Chawal | Sweet Potato Sabzi Vrath wali

Today we are beginning a series of simple everyday meals. This will give us good vegetarian lunch ideas. We are going to show mooli ki kadhi […]

Chana Dal Sweet | Diwali Sweet | Ukkarai/ Okkarai | Traditional Diwali Sweet

Ukkarai is a traditional Diwali Sweet made in Tamilnadu, especially Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. This sweet evokes many fond childhood memories of Diwali. Many sweeet are mmade for this festival. But ukkarai is a must in our family. To date, no Diwali celebration in our house is complete without this awesome, yummy sweet.

Bun dosa from idli batter| Kadai Dosa|Dosa from idli batter

This bun dosa from idli batter has lot of childhood memories associated with it. I used to love it when my amma made this for me as a quick recipe when I came home hungry from school. It tasted yum and was quick to make. I googled and did not find this dosa yet on the internet. But this was a recipe that I had to share. I had to make a small contributin towards reviving long forgotten traditional recipes which need to be tasted and mde by the new generation. - Sathya

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