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Chana Dal Sweet | Diwali Sweet | Ukkarai/ Okkarai | Traditional Diwali Sweet

Ukkarai is a traditional Diwali Sweet made in Tamilnadu, especially Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. This sweet evokes many fond childhood memories of Diwali. Many sweeet are mmade for this festival. But ukkarai is a must in our family. To date, no Diwali celebration in our house is complete without this awesome, yummy sweet.

Bun dosa from idli batter| Kadai Dosa|Dosa from idli batter

This bun dosa from idli batter has lot of childhood memories associated with it. I used to love it when my amma made this for me as a quick recipe when I came home hungry from school. It tasted yum and was quick to make. I googled and did not find this dosa yet on the internet. But this was a recipe that I had to share. I had to make a small contributin towards reviving long forgotten traditional recipes which need to be tasted and mde by the new generation. - Sathya

Traditional Steamed Modak Recipe | Kozhukattai Recipe | Kadalai paruppu poornam | chana dal jaggery filling

Kozhukattai is steamed rice dumpling. This traditional Indian sweet is made on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi in South India. In Maharashtra there is a variation […]

Puli Inji Recipe: Prepare Inji Curry or Ginger Pickle at Home

Puli Inji is a tangy sweet-sour pickle. This inji puli, which is also made with slight variations in Tamil Nadu, is actually a speciality of Kerala. […]

Adhirasam | Diwali Sweet | Athirasam

Diwali and no adhirasam? Ask any South Indian! Most likely the reply will be “chance illai”. Adhirasam or athirasam as it is called in Tamilnadu is […]

Aval Puttu | Poha Puttu

Aval puttu is a dessert made out of poha or beaten rice and jaggery and seasoned with grated coconut cashew nuts and cardamom powder. Aval puttu […]

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